Pottery Parties

Let's Have a Party!

We have a variety of party packages for you to choose from . . .  or you can create your own! The party packages shown include a discounted studio fee of $6.00 (6 painters or more) and table reservations for 1 1/2 hours for kids and 2 1/2 hours for adults. A non-refundable (studio credit only) deposit of $25.00 is required to reserve the party room. You may bring cake, ice cream, adult beverages, decorations . . . whatever you desire to make your party exactly what you want. You can even do a “Party To Go” at your own location.

Party Packages

Critter Party

$15.00 per painter:  A great party for children of all ages.  Choose adorable critters like turtles, penguins, unicorns, puppies, kitties, dinosaurs, fish, hippos and more!

Animal Party

$19.50 per painter: These animals are larger than our critters, and so much fun to paint. Cats, dogs, dragons, penguins, pandas and more!

Introducing a New

Go Paint! Party ...

Owl Dinnerware Party: – $20.00 per painter:  

Everyone will delight in painting an item from our fun owl dinnerware set, consisting of an owl mug, owl plate and owl bowl.  Who? You!

Dinnerware Party – $15.00 per painter:  Adults and kids will enjoy painting a bowl, lunch plate or mug. Full-size dinner plates are available for $17.50.  Functional art!

3-D Tile Party – $12 or $14 per painter:  Paint a 4″ ($12) or 6″ ($14) tile and add a doodad of your choice to create a 3-D piece. 

Custom Party – $6.50 and up per painter: Make your party exactly what you want! Create your own theme or let guests choose their own items upon arrival. Final cost per painter depends on the pottery piece chosen. Perfect for everyone!


Party To Go – $5.00 per painter + pottery ($15.00 fee for paint kit):  We supply you with a pallet of paint colors, brushes, stamps and stencils. You choose the pottery pieces (priced per piece chosen). Great way to save some money and add something special to your home parties, sleepovers . . . whatever you are celebrating.

frog collectible
frog collectible

race car collectible
race car collectible


Critter Examples


Animal Examples




Race Car



Fighter Jet




Schedule a party for a fun ladies’ night out; mother/daughter project; fundraiser; club activity; birthday party; children’s party; showers; Scout troops activity ...  the list is endless.

We supply the miniature Fairy Flowers (real plants!) and the precious accessories to make your miniature garden unique, along with guided instruction and design assistance for you and your guests.

Children's Birthday Party - $25.00 per child: Each child will choose a colorful container, a specially grown miniature "fairy flower," a whimsical fairy to place in the Fairy Garden, and their choice of a cute little doo-dad to paint to be placed in their garden later. Quality potting soil and all other necessary materials provided, along with instruction on how to plant and care for the plants.  Party activities include a fun and creative scavenger hunt with prizes (outdoors if weather permitting) and a fairy trivia game. You are welcome to bring your cake a presents along, as well as decorate with balloons for a festive atmosphere.

Fairy Garden Parties